Spotlight at Greek Theatre in Taormina for Maria Callas Memorial

The last 16th of September at the Greek Theatre in Taormina, the Opera Gala “Maria Callas Memorial” took place, an evening organized to celebrate the 40 years since the demise of the soprano, with the performance of the arias, romances and ouvertures related to the Melodrama , but above all the repertoire of the well-known singer. Many international music stars attended the event accompanied by a pianist and three soprano.

To highlight the fascinating architecture, G.E.C.A. Service used two asymmetric Spotlight CYC LED RGBW 300W LED floodlights.

Sapuppo of G.E.C.A. explains the setup used for the event: “The opera gala was created by the Bellinian festival under the guidance of the artistic director Enrico Castiglione. For this particular setup we used Spotlight Cyclorama LED luminaires to highlight the theater’s architecture, while on the sides we placed 8 amber and blue Pars and 200W white quartz to illuminate the niches. As far as the front was concerned, there were a number of Spotlight 2000 fixtures as well as some Par and Special Profiles for specials. ”

A few days later, a similar setup was used for an important histology and anatomy congress. The ceremony, with the scenery by Taormina Arte, took place at the ancient theatre where the Orchestra a Plettro Città di Taormina performed. Also for this event, as already experienced on other occasions, the G.E.C.A. team managed to excellently illuminate the structure using only six luminaires, including the two Cyc LED 300 also used for the previous event.

CYC LED 300 RGBW DMX is a GreenLine floodlight with RGBW source and a special LED temperature control and management system for maintaining the optimum operating ranges. There is also the option of colour temperature control (CCT) that remains constant during the dimming. The innovative optically designed system allows to fully illuminate a 6 meter wide and 7 meters high surface, positioned at a distance of just 1.5 meters from the backdrop.