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Luminaires Floodlight


Luminaire: Downlight, LED, 90W, WW

3000K, no-fan versione, diam. 132mm (optics: 29°, 46°, 72°)

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Product code



  • Family: Floodlight
  • Line: Green line


  • LED Warm White


  • 90W

Colour temperature

  • a:1:{i:0;s:5:"3000K";}


  • a:1:{i:0;s:7:"DMX-RDM";}


  • a:1:{i:0;s:3:">90";}


  • Cable without plug


  • 48VDC@2100mA

Functional features

  • Constant colour temperature during the whole dimming curve
  • Silent mode fuction
  • Flicker-free mode with adjustable PWM LED frequency for best use with cameras
  • Strobo function with adjustable frequency
  • Remote controllable funcions via DMX-RDM
  • 8/16 bit control mode on all channels
  • Cooling system with high efficient heat sink

Green line advantages

  • No dangerous UV or IR rays for the safe lighting of the people and objects
  • No radioactive or mercury-based components
  • Nearly 75% saving on mains power consumption if compared to an equally-performing conventional fixture
  • Reduced installation and cabling costs thanks to the In&Out chain connection system both for power mains and DMX/DALI data control
  • Savings on running costs thanks to the extended lifespan of the LED source compared to the periodical repalcement of conventional bulbs
  • Savings on the air-con setup and supply, thanks to the lower heat emission of the fixtures
  • No maintenance costs for the replacement of colour filters due to overheating and damage
  • Compatibility with existent dimmer lines network


The Halled is a Universal Light Fixture for ACOUSTICAL SHELL ENCLOSURES and many more:

Already back in 2014 we developed the Halled for use in full-stage acoustical shells in Philharmonic Halls and Opera Houses – like the famous Opera in Florence, but also for the House Lighting and many other special applications. (Reference Photos…)

It’s a very Powerful High efficiency, long lasting, innovative white light LED Solution for the replacement of existing Halogen Lights.

Thanks to the 200W COB LED Phosphor technology, the Halled is doing 12.000 lumens by only 90W of power setting, offering a very high 133 L/W energy efficiency:

It means with a 10A Power Socket = 25 Halled = 300.000 lumens = 15KW – 65A traditional Halogen Light!

It means 6 times less power consumption compared to an equally performing conventional fixture: this means a lot of money  also in saving heavy and dangerous electrical power distribution, consequently more flexible setup, less air conditioning for cooling down all this heat of the Halogen lights, low maintenance costs due to the very long lifetime.


No Heat

With this consistent bright light for Acoustic Shells you’ll not heat up with dangerous IR and UV the expensive Instruments and Scenery, keeping the Musicians and Performers comfortable on stage and increasing also the Safety in the House.


LED Phosphor Technology

The perfect White Light Phosphor LEDs are available in many colour temperatures (2700, 3000, 4000, 5600K) and beam angles (12°, 29°, 46°, 72°, ) with CRI up to 97.

But why does Spotlight manufactur the Halled based explicit on the Phosphor LEDs?

The excellent White Light with Musicians and Opera in Performing Arts is a must: we choose the White Light Phosphor Technology because it’s the only way to generate a continues Colour Spectrum White like our Sunlight or the Halogen Lightbulbs are offering:

For this breathtaking discovery the 3 Inventors received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014. Especially when you’ll enlighten coloured textiles, classical instruments and people – what do you see are the reflected light from the objects. Now if you do not have a continuous colour spectrum of a perfect White light source, you’ll get metameric failures. In particular, with Philharmonic Orchestras and in Opera Houses the fidelity of colours, skin tones of the actors and musicians and their very expensive equipment is the absolute must.

Moreover, with the COB LEDs with reflector for uniform light beam output you’re generating just one Light beam and consequently you’ll have also only one B&W shadow in faces and objects.


Absolute Silence

The Halled are based on a highly effective natural thermal management system without fan – NO noise. It’s absolutly silent with no buzzing or detectable RFI, the Ideal solution for installations where Silence, energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are key factors:

Orchestra Shell, House lighting, Working light, Shop windows, Malls, Museums, Exhibitions, Art Galleries and Rental Companies, but also: TV studios, Cinemas, Theatres and many others.


Electrical Driver Options

First of all why is Spotlight offering a separate power supply unit with oversized LED driver available with ON/OFF, Dali or DMX control?

In the Performing Arts, the Quick Maintenance and Reliability is fundamental. The Halled guarantees it by the remote location of the Driver and Power Supply:

You’ll not have heat load from the LEDs towards the electronics and no heat load from the Power System to the LED array, reducing the risk of failure.

Especially by ceiling mounting you’ll not have the weight of the electronics on the downlight itself. It means that on the different parts of a modular Acoustic Shell, you can install the electronics in a safe place, avoiding damaging during installation and storage. It is helping also to keep the modular Acoustic panels balanced when you’re flying them in heights.

With this separate PSU system, you’ll also reduce the installation, maintenance and cabling costs thanks to the In&Out chain connection system both for power mains and DMX/DALI data control.



Fundamental is also the totally smooth dimming performance from 100% to black. The Dimming is done by 16bit DMX512 without visible stepping, flash or flicker, where you can individually address and control each Halled:

All Halleds across the installation are dimming smoothly to the same level at the same rate and finally fade to black at the same time in flicker fee mode without any step change to off at the end.

Moreover, the enlightened objects with their colours remain consistent at all levels during dimming – it’s the must for Camera when the Television are filming the event.

You can easily adjust by menu the PWM LED frequency for best use with cameras up to 20.000 Hz for High Speed Shootings. Also you can select a linear or logarithmic dimming curve.

Moreover you can control the driver by RDM where you can address and getting the status reporting over DMX512.