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Yoke: 2-way DMX motorized

Pan and Tilt movement control for small/medium size video projectors

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Video presentation of Spotlight’s ARC System

To better understand which flexibilities our ARC System solutions can give you, please read about the great installation done for the Zaryadye Concert Hall in Moscow.


About ARC System

Our solutions come from an experience gained over the years, the deep knowledge of the products on the market and the specific needs of the Entertainment world.

These are customizations designed and developed from time to time to offer the solution that best suits the customer’s needs.

Our motorised systems are able to move any theatrical and television lighting fixtures of our production and of the other main brands, but also smoke machines up to video projectors.

The ARC SYSTEM yokes are designed for all those who want to maintain the superior lighting performance of classical products, highly increasing the flexibility of use with a great saving of time in focusing and repositioning.

The system, available with 2 or 3 parameters, allows the high precision focusing of pan and tilt, as well as of the focus or the iris through a 16 bit DMX signal.

The system consists of a power supply and a DMX reader that controls 2 or 3 DC motors as well as supplying power and DMX signal for other possible accessories such as color changers, gobo rotators, etc.

The focusing is particularly accurate thanks to the use in the pan and tilt of a double control both with encoder, for better speed control, and with potentiometer, for the constant memorisation of the position. This way you have absolutely soft movements even at low speeds as well as in acceleration / deceleration. In addition, the fixture keeps its position either in case of power failure (no reset) or forced displacement from its position (to change the lamp).

The motors are oversized and totally silent, with a mechanical safety clutch to prevent any possible crash/collision against obstacles and automatic shut off until the DMX command signal is reversed.

The horizontal rotation is more than 360° to avoid dark corners in the scene and 270° for the vertical one. The setting of the tilt, pan and focus limits menu allows to avoid the collisions with the scenographies, the positioning beyond the limit prescribed by the lamps or the zoom stroke according to the length of the luminaires.

In addition to theatrical and television use, the yokes are also used for positioning video projectors, smoke machines, loudspeakers, etc. with a maximum load limit of 30 kg.

The yokes can work either hanging from structures with fast-fit hooks already supplied, or removing the hooks, positioning them on the stage with a suitable stabilizing base.

If desired, the motorization can be switched off and the luminaires keep their position (to avoid unwanted starts for false maneuvers) and, thanks to the clutch, can be manually focused in case of lack of the console operator.

If you want to facilitate the focusing of your fixed luminaires through a DMX motorisation, consider whether to mount directly on your fixture a Spotlight ARC System yoke!