Spotlight expo at MIR+LIVE 2016, a Rimini, May 7-9

MIR is home to Spotlight and its Full GreenLine set along with the “dream team”: the widest array of professional 450W LED luminaires currently available.

Furthermore a slot is given to the most innovative and representative products of partner brands, traditionally imported and distributed in Italy by Spotlight.

GreenLine Fresnel, Profiles, Followspots and Cyclorama 200W to 450W, with its Compulite control system and ELC signal will be available for “on-stage” testing at dais LIVE.

Info and appt:

“Shoah memorial” unveiled in Milan

The Shoah Memorial is located in Piazza Edmond J. Safra, rail 21 of Milan Central Station and covers an area of about 700 square meters.

Common threads of this space are the recovery of the areas to their original shape and construction of permanent opportunity for debates, research, and discussion on the elements which have led to racial discrimination and still do.

The aims not to forget and overcome indifference and prejudice shall be tackled through an open and fluid space.  The location is divided into an area with testimonies, a learning space (the library with over 40,000 volumes), an auditorium for meetings and debates and a commemorative core part (the Wall of Names), with a specific confessional-style space.

To enhance the dramatic nature of this place a quality lighting has been the winning choice: light and dark contrasts emphasize emotional aspects of this museum showcase. Professional luminaries FresneLED and ProfiLED branded Spotlight ensure top lighting quality, a powerful and brilliant light with excellent color rendering and significant energy saving. Thanks to the complete absence of ultraviolet and infrared rays, excellent visual comfort and protection of both objects and visitors are guaranteed.