From February 21th to June 18th 2017, Milan celebrates KEITH HARING

From February 21th to June 18th 2017, Milan celebrates the genius of Keith Haring (1958-1990) with a great exhibition held at Palazzo Reale Milano, curated by Gianni Mercurio.

The exhibition “Keith Haring About About” presents over 110 works by the genial American artist, many of them unpublished or never exhibited in Italy.

For this exhibition, Spotlight has provided over 100 LED architectural projectors with power range from 50 to 100W, including PR LED 50, FN LED C100, LU LED.

The show, for the first time, makes the deep meaning and complexity of the artis and its research, highlighting its relationship with the history of art: the works of the American artist are alongside those of authors of different ages, to which Haring has been inspired and reinterpreted with his unique and unmistakable style, in a narrative synthesis of archetypes of classical tradition, tribal and ethnographic art, imaginary Gothic or cartoonism, languages of his century and hikes in the future with the use of the computer in some of his latest experiments.
Among these are the works of Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Paul Klee for the twentieth century, but also the castles of the Trajan Column, the masks of the Pacific cultures, the paintings of the Italian Renaissance.

Spotlight at PoliDesign

Once again this year the advance training course organized by PoliDesign is sponsored by Spotlight.

Participants will learn the rules of design, construction and production of the scenery nestled in the entertainment and representation, Opera to Musical, Prose to Dance and Television

Following tradition, Spotlight commitment takes the form of training sessions in the large showroom in San Giuliano Milanese. Students will learn about and see the products first-hand, to understand both features and potentials.

The practical and consistent approach helps students to use the light as a language, making them aware of the potential outcomes of a creative and conscious use.

Spotlight expo at LDI 2016, Las Vegas, Stand 1971

We’ll be there with CYC 300 RGBW DMX, the fisrt optically asymmetric LED cyclorama, 300W in RGBW DMX controlled.

A sneak-peek of the new Luminaire 450W DMX LED line, Greenline new entry: Fresnel, PC, Profiles, Beamlight, Cyclorama and Followspots, 50W to 450W, in Warm, Natural, Cool and Tunable White or RGBW version, both manual and DMX.

Leading masterpieces are  CycloramaLED 300W RGBW in DMX and Universal Dimming (“UD”) set with manual, DMX, and dimmable-by-mains control

Manual, ARC motorized or pole operated Luminaires.