Spotlight at Greek Theatre in Taormina for Maria Callas Memorial

The last 16th of September at the Greek Theatre in Taormina, the Opera Gala “Maria Callas Memorial” took place, an evening organized to celebrate the 40 years since the demise of the soprano, with the performance of the arias, romances and ouvertures related to the Melodrama , but above all the repertoire of the well-known singer. Many international music stars attended the event accompanied by a pianist and three soprano.

To highlight the fascinating architecture, G.E.C.A. Service used two asymmetric Spotlight CYC LED RGBW 300W LED floodlights.

Sapuppo of G.E.C.A. explains the setup used for the event: “The opera gala was created by the Bellinian festival under the guidance of the artistic director Enrico Castiglione. For this particular setup we used Spotlight Cyclorama LED luminaires to highlight the theater’s architecture, while on the sides we placed 8 amber and blue Pars and 200W white quartz to illuminate the niches. As far as the front was concerned, there were a number of Spotlight 2000 fixtures as well as some Par and Special Profiles for specials. ”

A few days later, a similar setup was used for an important histology and anatomy congress. The ceremony, with the scenery by Taormina Arte, took place at the ancient theatre where the Orchestra a Plettro Città di Taormina performed. Also for this event, as already experienced on other occasions, the G.E.C.A. team managed to excellently illuminate the structure using only six luminaires, including the two Cyc LED 300 also used for the previous event.

CYC LED 300 RGBW DMX is a GreenLine floodlight with RGBW source and a special LED temperature control and management system for maintaining the optimum operating ranges. There is also the option of colour temperature control (CCT) that remains constant during the dimming. The innovative optically designed system allows to fully illuminate a 6 meter wide and 7 meters high surface, positioned at a distance of just 1.5 meters from the backdrop.

Aida at Greek Theatre in Taormina

Since the 1950’s, the Greek Theatre in Taormina has been used as an outdoor facility for various shows ranging from theatre to concert, from the awards ceremony of David of Donatello to symphony concerts, from opera to ballet.

Since 1983, it is home to Taormina Arte, an event that takes place every year during the summer, to the Teatro Musica and to the Taormina Film Fest.

In the evocative setting of the Ancient Theatre the Taormina Opera Stars festival this year presented a popular Italian melodrama: Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida.

The production, entirely private, is the work of the Aldebaran Association, chaired by Antonio Lombardo, Maurizio Gullotta and Franco Barbera with Davide Dellisanti as Artistic Director.

The Service G.E.C.A. of Claudio Mazza, Giuseppe Sapuppo, Giuseppe Sterrantino e Vincenzo Bambara is the technical partner of the Ancient Theatre of Taormina in the management of theatre performances and various festivals. For over 20 years, to light the scenes and to make the most of the theatrical architecture, they use Spotlight luminaires. Here is information donated types of games like apps and see online friv games, which are played on devices and gadgets, such as laptops, mobile phones and others. Many of these games can be found on various websites and some of them are free.

For Aida they installed:

  • 20 2500W halogen fixtrures (VAR 25)
  • 24 1000W halogen floodlights (DOM 1000)
  • 110 PAR
  • Spotfilter filters

while to control the signal they chose Compulite dimmers and converters.

PLASASHOW: London, 17-19 September 2017

From September 17th to 19th Thomas Nell, lighting designer and Spotlight’s product specialist, and our local distributor A.C. Entertainment Technologies will be waiting to meet you at booth E40.

Come and be amazed by the new LED fixtures by Greenline, including the cyclorama CYCLED 300 RGBW and the 450W LED family with the new profile PR 450 RGBW.

To fix a meeting or for more info, please contact Thomas Nell at

See you soon in London!

PROLIGHT+SOUND NAMM 2017: Moscow, 14-16 September 2017

Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia is a 3-days event being held from 14th September to the 16th September 2017 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow, Russia. Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia is the International Trade Fair of Technologies and Services for Entertainment where you can “see and touch with your hands” our new LED fixtures by Greenline, including the cyclorama CYCLED 300 RGBW and the 450W LED family with the new profile PR 450 RGBW.

For more info, please contact or our local distributor ДОКА Центр/DokaCenter

See you soon in Moscow!

Spotlight has melted the ice for the new Sky Rink Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thanks to Spotlight and Movievision, a new day has dawned for the previously named, Carlton Sky Rink, but this time without the ice.

The strong collaboration between Spotlight and Movievision allowed a Sky Rink Multi-Purpose Facility to create a cutting-edge television and film studio within the Carlton Centre district: a space to encourage engagement from the film industry, both locally and abroad.

For this great project Spotlight has been chosen as the main supplier for the entire LED lighting system, designing and manufacturing more than 250 fixtures of Greenline, the widest and most powerful range of LED luminaries on the market:

– Fresnel LED 100/200/450 watt with Pole Operated system
– Profile LED 250 watt with Pole Operated system
– Cyclorama LED 300 watt

The lighting and control systems provided allow the space to be subdivided in six or more areas that can be used individually or simultaneously.

While looking forward to the upcoming “go live” of the Studios, Spotlight displayed the full GreenLine range at the Movievision’s booth during Mediatech at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg.

From February 21th to June 18th 2017, Milan celebrates KEITH HARING

From February 21th to June 18th 2017, Milan celebrates the genius of Keith Haring (1958-1990) with a great exhibition held at Palazzo Reale Milano, curated by Gianni Mercurio.

The exhibition “Keith Haring About About” presents over 110 works by the genial American artist, many of them unpublished or never exhibited in Italy.

For this exhibition, Spotlight has provided over 100 LED architectural projectors with power range from 50 to 100W, including PR LED 50, FN LED C100, LU LED.

The show, for the first time, makes the deep meaning and complexity of the artis and its research, highlighting its relationship with the history of art: the works of the American artist are alongside those of authors of different ages, to which Haring has been inspired and reinterpreted with his unique and unmistakable style, in a narrative synthesis of archetypes of classical tradition, tribal and ethnographic art, imaginary Gothic or cartoonism, languages of his century and hikes in the future with the use of the computer in some of his latest experiments.
Among these are the works of Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Paul Klee for the twentieth century, but also the castles of the Trajan Column, the masks of the Pacific cultures, the paintings of the Italian Renaissance.