Aida at Greek Theatre in Taormina

Since the 1950’s, the Greek Theatre in Taormina has been used as an outdoor facility for various shows ranging from theatre to concert, from the awards ceremony of David of Donatello to symphony concerts, from opera to ballet.

Since 1983, it is home to Taormina Arte, an event that takes place every year during the summer, to the Teatro Musica and to the Taormina Film Fest.

In the evocative setting of the Ancient Theatre the Taormina Opera Stars festival this year presented a popular Italian melodrama: Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida.

The production, entirely private, is the work of the Aldebaran Association, chaired by Antonio Lombardo, Maurizio Gullotta and Franco Barbera with Davide Dellisanti as Artistic Director.

The Service G.E.C.A. of Claudio Mazza, Giuseppe Sapuppo, Giuseppe Sterrantino e Vincenzo Bambara is the technical partner of the Ancient Theatre of Taormina in the management of theatre performances and various festivals. For over 20 years, to light the scenes and to make the most of the theatrical architecture, they use Spotlight luminaires.

For Aida they installed:

  • 20 2500W halogen fixtrures (VAR 25)
  • 24 1000W halogen floodlights (DOM 1000)
  • 110 PAR
  • Spotfilter filters

while to control the signal they chose Compulite dimmers and converters.