Marjan TV upgrades studios to cutting-edge LED lighting rigs

Wimbledon, London-based Marjan Television Network, one of the leading broadcasters to the Persian-speaking world, has just completed a major refurbishment of its four-studio complex to cutting-edge new LED lighting rigs featuring a wide range of fixtures among which Spotlight’s .
Marjan broadcasts a wide range of entertainment programmes, which are transmitted to 25 million viewers across the globe. These include Persian-language versions of well-known British favourites such as The X Factor, Come Dine With Me and Spitting Image, as well as producing several hours per day of live output programming from its studios.
Designed so that all four of the studios can be controlled from a single gallery, Marjan’s brief was multifaceted from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. The facility needed to be flexible to accommodate the wide range of productions, whilst maintaining a contemporary feel. Inherent within this was the requirement for the installation to be energy-efficient with, at its core, a lighting package which was multi-purpose and delivered good colour rendition on camera.
Ian Muir, who heads up AC-ET’s specialist Film & TV sales division, oversaw the supply – working closely with Marjan to ensure that the equipment met all of their technical requirements. Ian specified a variety of LED lighting solutions, including 22 soft light fixtures, over 100 Spotlight Fresnels and some linear lamps – to provide a range of tuneable white LED luminaires suitable for the studio lighting.

Jean Luc Neale, Lighting & Vision Engineer for Marjan commented: “We have high production values and make a wide range programmes, which are broadcast to audiences all over the world from these four studios. Because content ranges from news and interviews to dynamic entertainment shows, it’s really important that the new lighting rigs are flexible, easy to set up and control, whilst also being reliable, low maintenance and with low operating costs. AC-ET presented a wide choice of options and an integrated solution that didn’t just include the lighting fixtures themselves, but the accessories, cabling, clamps and support that we needed.”

A big thanks to our friend and distributor for the great project and reference.