ARC Hyperion at the National Philharmonic in Vilnius, Lithuania

The renewed Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society has opened its gates thanks to a unique lighting system.

Nearly a hundred of Spotlight’s recessed downlights and over 30 new ARC remote controlled Hyperions have been specifically adapted to space.

“For over two decades now, we have been installing social and cultural spaces of various sizes, so we are happy to take on non-standard tasks. The entire lighting system is designed especially for this hall. We were looking for an implementation solution because no such system exists on the market. We have managed to achieve this only by uniting different manufacturers. This system is undoubtedly exclusive in Lithuania,” the Head of STS, Laurynas Paškevičius, says.

“For both the Philharmonic Society and other art events, we can now take the most out of the current setup to create unique lighting designs and to do it all live. The precision and the total noiseless operation are an added value, well noticed and appreciated during the opening events, both by the audience and the musicians”, as reported by Norvydas Birulis, STS lighting engineer.


Thank you STS from SPOTLIGHT, with appreciation for the warm and enthusiastic feedback in such days of silence.



Lighting designers: Norvydas Birulis, Darius Malinauskas