Spotlight @ Marina Forum Regensburg

The transformation of a Slaughterhouse into a Meeting and Congress-Jewel which stands under monument protection

Since more than hundred years the old slaughterhouse has been in use and has been enlarged several times. After its closure in the 1990s the building has turned into a monument protected architectural jewel. Today the building is a one of a kind modern meeting and congress center.

The main-building of the old slaughterhouse, the “Zollingerhall” serves nowadays as a conference and concert hall and was named after the architect Friedrich Zollinger.

The label “Green Meetings” of the Marina Forum stands for sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection. The label was also consistently implemented at the planning of the stage lighting. Efficient modern LED technology is used in the majority of the luminaires. In comparison to the purely scenic theater lighting the fixtures will have much longer working periods for conference use.

Due to the 80-90% lower power consumption the operating costs are significantly lower compared to the tungsten luminaires.

The lighting rig is including several Spotlight PC LED 200 PO, Cyc LED 300 and Evolution 25 H and additionally one VD LED 450W followspot.

The conception of the lighting rig was carried out by Spotlight distributor Feiner Lichttechnik.